Gray Imagery | About
My name is Steve, and I’m a Photographer.

My Background

I started taking – and developing – pictures in my pre-teen years. I had a Kodak Dualflex (twin-lens reflex) camera, and I would also occasionally borrow my father’s Argus 35mm rangefinder.
I learned how to process film and prints from my late brother. We would set up a makeshift lab in the family basement, develop the negatives, and print the images (120 sized) using a small contact printing box. Once I ventured into 35mm, contact printing wasn’t working well, so my father gave me a Vivitar enlarger.


These days, I work in the digital realm. After years of frustration with the film process, I’d realized the power that the digital medium has brought to the table, and I’ve embraced it.

What I Shoot

I have done a little of everything. Portraits, architecture, still life, interiors, fine art, and more. I suppose that I’m a bit of a generalist, because I just love to photograph whatever I can. I enjoy photographing people, though, provided it isn’t part of a high-stress event like a wedding. (I’ve done a couple of those, too…and I really appreciate the effort that wedding shooters put into their craft.)

What I Offer

I know that the world is filled with photographers and wannabe photographers. And why not? It’s a fun, exciting activity, and these days, technology has made it highly accessible to anybody with a camera or even a smart phone. What I bring to the table, though, is the ability to solve problems. Every shoot, especially when a high quality result is desired, brings its own challenges, and that’s where I love to work. I endeavor to produce the best photographs I can at every opportunity.

Please take a look around. Hopefully you’ll find something you like. And if you would like to talk about having some photo work done, feel free to contact me via the contact page of this site.

Thanks for stopping by!